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<h1>Ignition Switch Repair & Replacement Sun Lakes AZ</h1>

A number of cars possess more of a history of ignition switch troubles, those being the Honda Civic, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Honda Ridge-line, and the Chevy Cavalier.

Many people do not realize that a common task for automotive locksmiths is car or truck ignition switch maintenance & repair. At Sun Lakes Locksmith Pros we tend to handles various ignition repairs and replacements every single week. There are lots of benefits to using our mobile ignition services instead of visiting the dealership or car mechanic.

1. Get a better price – You don’t need to tow your car & our company is up to two-hundred dollars less than the dealership
2. Save valuable time – Our locksmiths have the ability to exchange the vast majority of ignitions within One hour of arriving at your car.

Our Car Ignition Repair Services Include:

  • Car, Truck & Van Ignition Repair
  • Wafer Replacement
  • Transponder Keys Ignitions
  • Ignition Key Programming
  • Ignition Switch Parts Replacement
  • Ignition System Maintenance
  • Broken Key Removal

<h3>How much is it going to cost to change my vehicle’s Ignition switch?</h3>

Costs for ignition maintenance depend on a variety of variables, from the number of components need replacing to the car or truck brand name and year. With Sun Lakes Locksmith Pros you will continually find pricing that is better to our rivals for the top craftsmanship of work.

Our prices for most motor vehicles remains somewhere between 150-300$, but more costly vehicles will cost extra a result of the increased price of parts in addition to a more demanding¬†dis-assembly¬†procedure. Don’t get fooled by auto shops prices, give us a call to determine if we’re able to beat the cost. In close to all cases we will! Before you go to the car dealership for your ignition repair or replacement, decide if we’re able to top the price. Typically we can help you save over one hundred dollars, and you need not tow your vehicle to the mechanic shop.

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